About Us

Cash for Clothes is a family run business based in Sallins Co.Kildare which began in January 2011 and has the experience of three generations of the Dolly family. Prior to Cash for clothes we have worked in many other areas of the recycling industry. As a business we have a passion for recycling and keeping our environment green and what better way to do that than provide a service to the public which benefits both their pockets and our environment. As a company our primary aim is to divert waste from landfill. Cash for clothes was established in order to facilitate any individual, group, club, School or organisation looking to raise funds or looking to donate money to charity.

Beware Of Bogus Collectors:

It is important to understand that we are a Fully Insured Licensed and Permitted Recycling Company.  As a company our primary aim is to divert waste from landfill. Many door-to-door collectors or so called charity affiliated companies of second hand clothing are collecting illegally; they have no permits or proper insurance cover. We have all seen the flyers, bags and stickers through our door asking you to leave out unwanted clothes, toys and goods for a charity, how do you know if the charity is real?. The literature may look like it is an organisation helping people in the Third World. But while the bag or leaflet says that the donations will help needy people in an underdeveloped country how can you be sure. They are often local traders who sell what they can in local markets or even worse illegally dump the rest in our countryside creating an environmental problem.

 If you give to these bogus collectors and they dump your clothing, it could be traced back to you. You can then be liable for fines or imprisonment for illegally disposing of your waste. If in doubt, contact your local council. Or ask to see a copy of their permit.

How to spot a fake                                                                 

There are several tell-tale signs that distinguish a genuine collection from a fake charity: