Fundraising Ideas

Is your Club, School, Charity or Church Group looking for some extra funding? We can provide you with those extra funds that many clubs are struggling to reach and it is easy to do. Try one of our “Bring a bag days” all you have to do is organize your members to bring in all their unwanted clothes and we will pay you for them then take them away to be recycled. Have a look below to see just some of the ideas on how you can make this work for you.

School Collections

Why not get all students and teachers involved in our “Bring a bag to school” Day. This allows students and teachers to bring in all their used and unwanted clothes into the school on a set day and we will be on hand to weigh the clothes, organize payment to your school immediately and take all the clothes away with us. We can take clothes, paired shoes, handbags, belts, Mobile phones, books, ink cartridges and scrap metal. To make it fun for the students why not organize a spot prize for the student that brings in the most bags? We are sure parents would be only delighted to clear out their presses knowing that the school will benefit. If you already have a clothes bank why not check the rates you are getting as we guarantee to pay you more and as an extra service we would be delighted to call in and give a talk to your pupils on the benefits of recycling. Why not try this once each term, kids grow out of clothes so fast and we will do the organizing all the school has to do is pick a date and tell everyone.



Club Collections

A great way of raising funds for your club is by using our ‘bring a bag to your club’ scheme. We will do all the organizing all you have to do is pick a date and tell your members. We will be on hand to take away the bags weigh them and either pay the club directly or we can provide you with sports gear or Jerseys. Once collected and weighed your club will be paid directly or we could provide you with sports gear or Jerseys from


Charity Shop

Our collections from charity shops are organized to suit you the customer. We cover all areas of Leinster. We also offer a unique all in one service where we can also pay for your scrap metal, Clothes hangers, Cardboard and plastics provided a specified weight is reached. We will be on hand if you would like some advice on the best ways of recycling your clothes and can organize a day each week or month where we can come to the shop and take away and pay all at the same time.



Lets not forget our door to door service where we offer a service in which you give us a call and one of our drivers will come and collect from you, weigh your bags and then pay you cash (minimum collection 15 bags) Look around your home any old unused clothing, footwear, bed linen, clothes hangers, metals, card board, and old mobile phones, you will be surprised by just how much you will find and it could help you raise that extra income you are looking for.